Why is liquid lipstick becoming so popular these days?

The popularity of lipsticks can be dated quite long back. The art of shading the lips is always one of the favourites among women. There are different kinds of shades that can be matched with your dress.

Why liquid lipstick?

  • The liquid lipstick is gaining huge popularity these days due to the contents. It has the glide and the sheen of a gloss. It lips look good because it leaves behind a coating that is candy apple like. It is possible for you to blot them with a tissue so that it appears to be matte.
  • The great thing about liquid lipstick is that it requires only one coat. This will give you an opaque pigment that you would want with just one swipe. Only if you want to get a dramatic look that you apply two to three coats.
  • These lipsticks appear opaque but you can make it look almost like stain, then you have to blot it with a tissue.
  • It remains for hours and so has a tendency to become dry. You have to keep your pout from getting dehydrated. You can use a lip balm to keep them moist.
  • The precise application, you have o at first apply it to the bottom lip and then the top. You can also a use a lip liner that will match with the liquid.
  • The most interesting fact is that you can use it for parties more because it will not transfer to other things. Like for example you are having a drink, you do not have to worry that the lipstick colour will stick to the glass and make you feel embarrassed.

The lipsticks are designed in such a way that you can apply it can spend the entire doing your own work. The mistakes that may be done while applying also can be cleared by dipping cotton swab into cold cream that will help to wipe out clearly.

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