How do roll-on deodorants work?

The odor is a problem for everyone. During summers, the sweat problem multiplies by a factor of two and becomes an annoying point to think about now and then. You must feel ashamed when you are all sweaty in public. To avoid all these issues, brands like Kiehl have introduced a body roll-on [โรลออน, which is the term in thai)] that absorbs all the sweat and leaves a refreshing odor. You do not feel bad about the sweat and a worry-free day passes by. You must be thinking that how do these roll-on work? Why should you use it when you have body spray already? Well, the answer to all of your questions is right below.

These deodorants have a wet and soft formulation so that these leave a gentle effect on your delicate areas like underarms. The roll-on has a ball end that confirms the full coverage of the area with comfort.

Roll-on antiperspirants are specially formulated to prevent sweating as well as the smell, unlike other deodorants that only prevent the smell and vanish within no time. To keep you smelling fresh, strong deodorants combat the bacteria responsible for smell and slow down its growth.

Time matters for the use of roll-on

You can use this roll-on at night too. It might be weird for you, but it has been proved by researches that roll-on can be used when you go to bed as well. But use only antiperspirant roll-on at night. The reason behind this is that the body temperature falls while you are asleep, and the sweat glands are at rest. The less active sweat glands allow the sweat ducts to absorb more of the roll-on formula and effectively block the sweat ducts, hence, decreasing the smell.

Never apply roll-on right after showering. Antiperspirants have the best effect on dry skin. Wet skin surface might react with the ingredients in the roll-on, causing irritation or itchiness in the skin.

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