Resources, Ideas And Examples To Touch Heaven With Your Camera

This Sunday is the World Day for the Ozone Layer, and since we are in love with our sky and everything it offers us from a photographic point of view, we wanted to pay tribute to this article. In it, I give you ideas of what you can photograph, and I leave you articles with tips to achieve it and other surprises by way of images.

Sunrises And Sunsets

The moment of the day, when all eyes are directed to the sky is undoubtedly sunset. It is closely followed by sunrise; what happens is that we like to get up early less. And it is the moment in which the sky gives you a colour palette that blinds you with beauty and transmits a peace and stillness that is very difficult to explain in words.

Bad Weather Or Opportunity

It can be thought that the ideal to get the best out of the sky is that it is clear, sunny, etc. However, storms, rain or clouds give you very photogenic scenarios, capable of vibrating any spectator, full of contrasts and strength. Therefore, you should never leave your camera at home simply due to the threat of water or rain.

Astronomical Skies

Celestial bodies are another object of photographic desire, a challenge, an illusion and even an obsession for some. Eclipses, moons, supermoons, stars, become the raison d’être of many photography lovers. And no wonder, once its magic catches you, there is no going back.


Look at the sky, get inspired beyond the images. Feel its immensity and breathe its beauty. But don’t forget the camera and to edit with after taking shots.

Before saying goodbye, I would like to ask you a favor, share this article with your contacts. That on Sunday, all of us who have read this article can look at the sky with admiration, but above all with respect and with environmental awareness.


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