Is moissanite a diamond? Get more detailed insight into this all-time illusion.

Late in the 1890s, the French scientist, Henri Moisan, got hold of a shiny crystal from the core of Arizona. With the preconceived notion of ‘everything that shines can be diamond,’ he was sure that it was diamond. However, to his utter surprise, when the material was tested in the laboratory, he found that it was rare for silicon carbide crystals, not diamonds. These crystals were later named after his name- moissanite.

Though the endless similarities between the two gemstones, there is a fine thread of demarcation, that can tell apart a diamond and moissanite. When it comes to engagement rings, buyers often have a common question in mind- What is a moissanite diamond? Moissanite rings are too much into the growing scale.

The answer is considerably keen-witted, but sharp. Diamond is the most valued gemstone on the planet. But, still, moissanite gives away an intense competition to it, in terms of appearance. If you know a little more about this mineral’s amazing qualities, you are sure to fall for it in a second. If you are planning to Google the details about moissanite, you can surely never find any such remarkable distinctions between the two. A bare eye can never tell apart moissanite from a diamond. There is o such combination called moissanite diamonds. What exists are diamonds and moissanite- two visually identical yet quite different gemstones.

In what ways is moissanite looks different from diamond? 

It is not much you can say apart about moissanite and diamonds in terms of look and appearance. However, some moissanite does contain a slightly yellow or grey-like tinge, which is never seen in diamonds. Diamonds have always been colorless and transparent. Moissanites are also available in clear and colorless forms. However, that might need you to spend a little more than usual. Usually, a 1.0 carat of moissanite costs nearly $449, whereas if it is a clear colorless version, it can make you pay an estimated price of $1049. That isn’t much when you can get hold of the finest quality diamond-sister, without torturing your budget much.

Things you Should Know Before Buying Moissanite Engagement Ring ...

The fine line of demarcation between diamonds and moissanite.

As far as looks are concerned, it is not much you can tell apart. However, there is a long story beyond just looks. The most enticing among them are price, clarity, durability, brilliance, and availability.

  1. Price- The most critical and brainstorming concern is the affordability of the mineral. When your special day is ahead, and you have already planned a lot, it is not very impractical to think of a budget cut, uniquely when it can still fetch you the best. Moissanite engagement rings are simply thrilling and can allure your partner like never before. You can grab the best collection in an affordable range from $1046 to $3659, depending on the size of the stone. Moreover, the material used to wrap around the stone also counts high on the price. Usually, white gold or platinum is used in common. Luckily, the cost of moissanite depends upon the shape and size, amongst which the round one is most common. When it is a diamond, you need to count on cut, clarity, carat, and color.
  1. Clarity-With a higher refractive index of 2.96, moissanite offers better clarity than diamond. Yes! You heard me correct. Diamond has a lower refractive index, and thus clarity gets compromised to a minimal extent. This feature can be swayed off when it is a diamond ring, but why not pay less for a better-clarified stone?
  1. Durability– Stones are marked on 10, as per the Mohs scale. Higher the score, the more durable and robust the stone is. In terms of durability, diamond has a rating of perfect 10 on the Mohs scale and is thus, the hardest mineral in the world. Not less than this figure, moissanite offers a score of 9.25 in the Mohs range, which is equally brilliant in comparison to other gemstones on the planet. Moissanite rings can be great if you want your beloved to have moissanite for a lifetime due to such a high durability score. It is a splendid approach towards a lifetime memory.
  1. Brilliance- It defines the character of every gemstone in terms of their shine. The more light a stone absorbs, the shinier it gets over time. This feature counts quite high on both diamonds and moissanite. Both of the stones consume quite a high amount of light and shines very brightly. However, there is a slight difference between the shines and luster. Diamonds, being colorless, shine transparently with no hint of any coloration. Whereas, moissanite has a very different faceting pattern and thus gives away a disco ball-like shine when kept under bright light. This rainbow-like luster is often loved by many, while not much liked by others.
  2. Availability– Just like diamonds, moissanite jewelry, especially moissanite rings, are in high demand. This increasing craze about this gemstone has to lead to its availability on both online and offline grounds. There are many trusted dealers, who assure you of providing 100% genuine lab-made moissanite rings or other jewelry. Thus, grabbing a beautiful piece of moissanite is no more a big deal.

Moissanite engagement rings- Is it a better choice over diamond rings?  

Is your grand day ahead in a few days? Why worry when moissanite rings are just near your grip? Considering the price, brilliance, and pleasant finish, moissanite rings can be an ideal alternative to diamonds. It serves both purpose and takes good care of the budget. Be it your wedding, engagement, or anniversary; moissanite can serve all of these events incredibly.

Moreover, it is not very dull to stand out of the typical rush for diamonds. If you are eager to make a difference in your grand day, go for the best moissanite. You can surely allure your partner with some gorgeous dazzles, shine, and create a memory for him/her. Get hold of the best moissanite dealer and get your special day moissanited well.

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