Yes Ladies, Handcrafted affordable jewelry is possible with Adore Shine Jewelry

Adore Shine jewelry is working to become a place where women can shop well – designed costumes, jewelry and accessories at an affordable price.

Adore Shine proudly offers a wide range of high quality jewelry and accessories for women of all ages and abilities.

Currently we sell over 1,000 different jewelry, accessories and costumes and we are expanding daily.

We hope to add 10 new products per week by the end of the year and also want to start selling watches and artistically designed watches on our website by the end of 2021. Our jewelry is the perfect accessory for any outfit and a little dazzle can complete an outfit or give a woman a better feel for her overall look.

As a company founded by two sisters from a low-income family, we want to offer a luxurious look at all costs and believe that dollar amounts should not stop a woman from feeling and looking her best. Adore Shine was founded after the COVID 19 pandemic, which was not easy, and we were founded for that reason.

Both our sisters were raised by a single mother with the help of her dedicated grandmother. Our mother was by far our greatest inspiration and we want to pay tribute to her for where we are today. We understand that we will continue to help them get where they want to go, but she is a great inspiration to all of us, far beyond.

As we understand the value of money, time, and the importance of comfort and luxury all the products that we bring to our customers are made to make them feel the best. As women are strong and lead the entire family taking care of each and every aspect of the needs of the family it is essential that they feel best about themselves and it happens through getting things that you love the most at reasonable prices. Our products suit every occasion and requirement from regular to office wear and party wear.

We make beautiful artistically designed rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. Our priority is to bring beautiful designs that amaze everyone. Keeping that in mind we make our priorities to have high-quality materials that do not cause any irritation to the skin, do not fade, and stones do not get tarnished. The wide range of jewelry that we have ensures that every woman gets the best design and enhance look which in turn impacts the confidence of the wearer. Our jewelry, therefore, is trendy, chic, and classy; it can be matched with any outfit easily. Thus, we promise to give a polished look at an affordable price.

Our last thought is that we are trying to revolutionize the jewelry industry here in America. Every woman deserves to feel special without having to pay for an arm and a leg, and we were fed up with jewelry costing more than an outfit. Adore Shine Jewelry, which offers high-quality jewelry by American artists, comes from the heart of our mother, who handcrafted jewelry and accessories for those who knew they could not afford them. 

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