Why do we celebrate Valentine’s Day by exchanging red roses?

Flowers have long been used to represent such ideals as love, marriage, and virility. In the Victorian era, coded floral messages were all the rage. Sending a loved one a bouquet of flowers from florist delivery kl became a popular means for Victorian era lovers and admirers to convey hidden sentiments that were frowned upon in polite society. Each flower’s significance was sometimes drawn from a different tale, fable, or legend. In certain situations, a fabricated meaning was created.

For instance, red roses have long been a sign of ardour in many cultures around the world. In ancient Egypt, the rose was devoted to the goddess Isis; in Greece and Rome, the rose was associated with Aphrodite and Venus, their respective love gods. Sing See Soon provides a list of different colour roses and their meaning and suitable occasions to gift them

Flowers have long since established themselves as the traditional Valentine’s Day present. Ninety-one percent of the men who present flowers to their significant others on Valentine’s Day do so purely out of love, according to research conducted by Luth.

Other flowers


If you find red roses overused, consider the more sad origin of the “perfect love” symbolism of the red tulip. Legend has it that Farhad, a Turkish prince, fell hopelessly in love with a woman named Shirin. (Tulips originated in Persia and Turkey.) Farhad was so distraught by the news of Shirin’s death that he rode his horse off a cliff to end his own life. They say that every drop of his blood resulted in a crimson tulip blooming from the ground. Tulips, particularly those in pink and yellow, have come to symbolise tenderness and a devoted love for one another. If you want a bouquet that will survive until February 15th, your best bet is a tulip bouquet because they last longer than most other flowers in a container with water.


Orchids from penang florist are a universal symbol of love, wisdom, beauty, seduction, and elegance, and there are many different kinds of orchids in different parts of the world. But despite the diversity of orchards, they remain elusive and hard to come by. The precious and delicate beauty of true love can be expressed through the gift of an orchard. In addition to their subtle power. However, orchids have special needs and require extra attention to flourish under your care.


The dahlia is a symbol of refined sophistication and high regard. Also, it represents an unbreakable tie and unending devotion. For this reason, a dahlia would be an ideal flower to use when making a Valentine’s Day proposal. The Aztecs cultivated dahlias, which come in a range of vibrant colours from white to pink, red, orange, and yellow.

Paradise Bird

The Bird of Paradise is the traditional flower given to the bride and groom on their ninth wedding anniversary because of the significance it holds in the relationship and because of the value it places on individuality and distinction. This blossom is also a symbol of independence and happiness. If your significant other thinks red roses are dull, then this extraordinary bloom is the perfect solution!

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