What to Look Out for Before Shopping for Leather Handbag Bags

If you want to invest in genuine leather bags, there might be a bit more to think about than you think. Fortunately, Lowell leather handbags are available to ensure you get exactly what you need out of a real leather bag. The following are the most important things to consider before you purchase a real leather bag:

Kind of Leather Used

When it comes to leather bags, you want to pick one that is made of full-grain leather. This high-quality leather looks more elegant after years of use. This kind of leather is the best one to develop an attractive patina. A patina refers to a weathered, sheeny look that develops in material as it ages. The higher the leather quality, the better the patina. 

Never purchase bags made of bonded leather. The reason is that these bags use scrap pieces of leather that have been reworked with chemicals and plastic to become a second-rate version of leather. 

Tanning Process

The types of leather used for making bags and cases are prepared differently. Chrome tanning and vegetable tanning are the two main tanning processes performed to treat the animal’s skin. The chrome tanning process uses chromium and other harsh chemicals and is completed in two days. Products made from leather treated in this process tend to be cheap. Meanwhile, vegetable tanning treats the animal hide in an eco-friendly way. The process takes longer, so most vegetable tanned leather is thicker and stiffer than chrome tanned leather. Bags made from vegetable-tanned leather are superior to their chrome tanning leather counterparts in character, holding ability, and durability 

Durability and Handwork

If you want the best leather bags, choose those made from the most durable leather. The best bag can hold a specific weight and can be moved around without being weakened. This makes the grain an important consideration. Full-grain leather makes the most durable bags. However, top-grain leather is a more affordable alternative that also works. 

When it comes to the bag’s stitching, ensure it is straight, almost not noticeable, and without any loose threads. You can check for this consistency in the bag’s inner and outer surfaces. Also, the bag’s handles must be attached to the body through reinforced stitching or metal fixtures. 


Before purchasing a leather bag, take your time inspecting the quality of every little part. Examine the details from every side and pay attention to features such as buckles, handles, metallic rings, locks, zippers, and shoulder strap fittings. 

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