What Makes Nike The Most Famous Shoe Brand Across The World?

When it comes to buying sneakers, Nike is one of the first brands that click in people’s minds. And there are various reasons why people think about Nike first more than any other sneaker brand in the world.

In this article, we will look at those reasons and help you understand why Nike reigns even in the fierce sneakers industry.

1- Nike has one of the dynamic logos

Even though the Nike logo was designed just for a few bucks by a then-student Carolyn Davidson, this swoosh sign has left an impression on many consumers.

The logo not only looks simple but evokes emotions, suggests activity, victory, and arousal – all at the same time. And what more does a shoe manufacturing brand need from its logo?

2- Nike started as running shoes

Once an athletic shoe, sneakers game is now slowly shifting its focus towards running. Even with all the Jordan hype, it is important to remember that Nike started out as a running company. And when we say running, we mean more than just track-and-field running.

Co-founder Bill Bowerman understood the importance of “Jogging” in the ’60s and even published a book with a similar title. By 1968, his idea was transformed into creating “Cortez,” a running shoe.

3- Nike has Jordans and back to the future

Nike might have started its roots in running, but it has become synonymous with basketball. And we all know that basketball is nothing without Jordan.

By collaborating together, Jordan and Nike gave rise to the global sneaker culture.

Besides, Nike’s use of the pop-culture movie, Back To The Future, was not just about smart product placement but one of the brilliant and long-term marketing strategies. For three decades, from 1985 until the final installation, Nike ensured to make an incredible impact. And with this power-lacing endorsement in the bag, there is no other brand that can seemingly beat Nike.

4- Nike has famous designers

For decades we have seen Nike roll out some impressive colorways, models, and sneaker types in the market. Whether it was a collaboration with big brands or celebrities, Nike never missed to cease us with their designs.

Thanks to Nike’s talented designers like Bruce Kilgor for Airforce 1, Sergio Lozano for Air Mx 95, Eric Avar for Air Foamposite one, Tobie Hatfield for Nike Free, and so on.

Over to you

It is evident from the article that Nike is the leader in the sneaker industry because of its innovative aspect.

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