What Kind of Nail Polish Options You Can Prefer

One of the main things one notices about the other is the hands and nails. And if your nails are bitten, peeled and dirty, even Dior perfume won’t save your image. How to care for nails so that your fragile hand can stand out?

Nail care should be a matter of course and does not necessarily mean having a different varnish on them every day. You can do a lot of show only with nails that are not bitten and peeled, but on the contrary carefully polished, clean and maybe only covered with colorless varnish. Experts recommend lightly nailing and cleaning the nails twice a week.

By the way, did you know that a healthy fingernail will grow by about four millimeters in a month? And that the fingernail on the middle finger grows the fastest? A small tragedy, on the other hand, can be a broken fingernail, it grows the slowest there. But now to specific advice:

Give your nails plenty of vitamins and minerals

The quality of your nails is closely linked to the amount of vitamins A, B and H in your body. And it will also reflect the lack of magnesium, manganese, zinc and calcium. Do your nails break and fray? So add peanuts, grapefruits, egg yolks and liver to your diet before heading to the supplement pharmacy. It is in these foods that there is enough vitamin H aka biotin.

White spots on the nails are then a sign of zinc deficiency. You supply it to the body through legumes, yolks or, for example, by picking pumpkin seeds. As you visit https://funlacquer.com/collections/shop-by-types-multi-chrome-magnetic-polish you can have all the supports there.

Beautiful nails are what everyone will notice

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Beautiful nails are nails that are hydrated. So give them a regular daily dose of hydration. And beware! You don’t necessarily rub expensive oils and serums into them! The best service you can prove to your nails is regular lubrication with ordinary medical Vaseline or olive oil. The cuticle around the nails (which you should NEVER cut by the way) will be soft and supple, the nail itself will be shiny.

Get rid of (almost) all stains

First of all – if you are a heavy smoker, say goodbye to beautiful nails, because Mister Proper would be short for tobacco stains. However, toothpaste and a toothbrush can handle most other stains. Lemon juice will also help to remove the yellow tint. One of the grandmother’s advice is to fight nails with onion juice – it is said to give the nails shine. And you can add shine to your nails by peeling with olive oil and poppy seeds.

Don’t bother with chemistry

Have you ever read the composition of chemicals that you use only for regular dishwashing? The substances contained in them are really aggressive, and although it seems at first glance that your nails do not suffer too much, the opposite is true. The nails become weak due to the action of these substances, they fray, they are dull, without shine, the skin around them hardens. Sure, rubber gloves are quite far from ball gloves, but they are a necessity when cleaning. Get them home and use them.

Treat them to quality cosmetics

The use of cheap nail polish removers with acetone and formaldehyde significantly weakens the nails. If you use them on your nails several times a week, your nails will fade and weaken. By command, the basecoat under the varnish should also be colored. Not only will the nail paint last longer, but you will also avoid the unpleasant coloration that leaves some strong colors on the nails and which grows up to three quarters of a year! You should buy varnishes in stone shops from established brands and resist the lure of cheap varnishes, which are offered, for example, by Vietnamese sellers in their convenience stores.

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