What Is The Difference Between Keratin Treatment And Smoothening?

Keratin treatments and smoothing are two hair straightening processes that can be done in salons. A keratin treatment is a deep conditioning process, while smoothing is the flat ironing of hair. There are pros and cons to both. It all depends on what you’re looking for!

Some of the differences between the two are:

1. Smoothening is to straighten the hair, and Keratin Treatment is not

Usually, a smoothing treatment will be used on natural hair, whether colored or not. The smoothing treatment works by using a chemical that relaxes the bonds in the hair so that it will lay flat. In some cases, a keratin protein will be used in the formula. The keratin protein is there to make the hair feel softer and smoother.

The Keratin Treatment will not straighten the hair unless you use an iron on it, but in that case, it would not be considered a “Smoothing” treatment, it would just be considered an ironed style.

2. Smoothing does not involve the use of a protein unlike keratin.

The smoothing treatments do not contain keratin proteins. This means that they do nothing to repair your hair. The damage that you are trying to avoid will still be there after the treatment.

3. Smoothing is more affordable and can last longer than Keratin Treatments

Another difference between keratin & smoothening is the smoothing treatment can last for 6-8 months. However, the Keratin Treatment will only last for 3 months if you are lucky. Keratin treatments are more expensive and come with higher maintenance costs than smoothening.

4. Smoothening does not have the health concerns of keratin treatments

Some people are allergic to Keratin Protein, and some people’s bodies react negatively to this protein in their hair. If you have ever had a reaction to Keratin in your hair, it is best to consult with a hairstylist before getting any type of treatment that contains keratin protein in it.

5. Smoothening will make your hair smooth, but Keratin Treatments will make it softer

Keratin can only add softness if it is added to a formula, however, there are several other factors that affect the feel of something like this. When you are using a smoothing product on natural hair, there is usually alcohol in the formula that helps it dry quicker. The alcohol can make the hair feel frizzy if it is not properly rinsed out of the hair. Keratin proteins do not allow that since they help to smooth and seal the cuticle layer. Also, the application is very important, since if you do not apply the smoothing product evenly throughout your hair it will not have the same effect.

6. Smoothening will work on frizzy hair, but Keratin Treatments are used for damaged hair

If the hair is damaged by heat and has split ends then it could be considered “Frizzy”, since there would be a lot of flyaway from the damage. However, if your main problem is that you have curly or kinky hair, then you would not want to do smoothening hair treatment.

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