What Is A Demon Slayer’s Weapon Sword Called?

The answer of this question is not tough to guess as we all are familiar with anime now days. The special sword which is used by a demon slayer is known as Nichirin blade. This blade was used to protect Japan from demons that apparently appeared after the sun light goes.

It was known as the biggest weakness of a demon. There is a huge difference found between the designs and the color of this kind of Anchor demon slayer’s blade comparatively it was very first time drawn by its owner itself.

It was white in color initially when it was drawn. Nichirin blades were used to use by the corps. The color white of the sword was the symbol of Mist. This sword which symbolizes mist was wielded by the Melchior who was the pillar of the corps and was air headed as he was unable to focus on a single point or a thing.

What were other colors of the demon slayer sword?

The next color of the Nichirin blade was Green, which was the symbol of wind and which was wielded by hot bloodedSanemi who was the wind pillar of theslayer. The Speciality of Sanemi was he was boisterous and having cyclonic breath. Demons can be proven unlucky when they face him.

What does grey demon slayer stands for?

The grey Nichirin sword was quite obvious and it represents stone, which clearly means stone pillar of the slayer. It was wielded by Himeji which was a symbol of a stone which was reflection of gyomei’s personality which was both Sturdy and strong.

Gyomei who was a gentle giant having an intimidating presence. He was emotional but soft spoken at the same time. He was still considered as the strongest demon slayer. His weapon had superior techniquein compare to other Nichirin blades.

There are lots of other different colors in Nichirin blades like pink, indigo-gray, yellow, blue and red.

Pink blade of slayer’s sword represent love and this is belongs to love style. Mitsuri was the one who wielded this pink Nichirin blade. This pillar of love in demon slayer’s blade Mitsuri was full of emotion and passionate but at the same time she was shy by nature and bubbly too. Complementing people continuously is in her nature. She was agile but flexible.

Apart from these there are another blades which reflects different kind of shades of nature.

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