What Are Walking Shoes – Walking Shoes?

Walking (or walking) shoes are defined as: special footwear or ” gym shoes ” or “takkies” – sometimes commonly called ” tennis shoes ” – designed for sports use, but particularly suitable as a casual and / or clothing item. work.

Those walking does not have running shoes ( running ) or hiking shoes or for the march , but designed shoes to increase the comfort of those who walk several kilometers a day, spend a lot of time standing or simply enjoy long but quiet walks immersed in nature, giving yourself a real bath in the forest . They are also suitable for perform the meditative walk womens walking shoes.

What are walking shoes for

The high ductility of walking shoes is closely linked to their function, therefore to their physical and structural properties.

Walking shoes can be considered as the ” ergonomic footwear par excellence”, as they are created to increase comfort in the posture and movement typical of the human being, ie the upright position, and walking .

Walking shoes are shoes necessary for all those who:

  • They intend to practice walking motor activity
  • They walk or stand for a long time for work
  • Require post-injury rehabilitation (especially preparatory to sports involving running).
  • The lightness is a crucial aspect that allows you to be nimble and quick.

Surely trail shoes must be longer than normal ones, generally at least half a centimeter because during the journey the foot has stresses for which it could hit the toe as mentioned above, it can dilate on longer routes, or it is possible to wear them with a thick sock.

The trail shoe is normally designed in two versions: waterproof or not. Here too the choice is subjective, but also dictated by the environment and the season in which it is run. We remind you that the more your feet are free to “breathe”, the better they are, but certainly a long journey faced with wet feet or in cold weather conditions leads to the choice of waterproof footwear with a Gore-tex membrane.

As for the materials, when you need a waterproof shoe, for both activities we recommend Gore-tex , the synthetic and waterproof fabric that allows the foot to breathe, without getting wet and without getting heavy.

No less important is the material of the sole that must protect the sole of the foot, but above all ensure the right adherence to the ground that we find in our outdoor activity. The best known and constantly evolving rubber is developed by Vibram , Salomon applies ContaGrip material to its footwear and a novelty that has appeared in this world is the sole designed and produced by Michelin.

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