What are the different standard sockets in different countries?

  • Argentina uses the IRAM 2073 as a standard that can carry a voltage of 250 volts and a current of 10 amperes.
  • Australia uses 3112 as a standard. It also carries the same voltage and current as described above.
  • Brazil uses the NBR 14136 as their standard. It is used for both 220V and 110V connections, but the bad point here is that most Brazilians don’t even use the earth connection.
  • British use the BS 546 that comes in a variety. It varies in voltage, and current rating and different sockets are used at different places.

It is to be noted that whatever is the socket or the plug, the use of safety measures is important in every case. Ensuring safety ensures that you and your family are protected from the dangers of electricity. It also conveys the idea that your appliances would also be protected. The best way to the safe way is to have an earth connection in the whole house. Also, use the devices with proper care. Always touch the electric power socket [usb ปลั๊ก which is the term in thai] when the main power is switched off. Use plugs at a considerable height so it remains away from the reach of children.

Why plug sockets are available for sale online?

The demand for plug sockets has increased much. People want to use a different type of plug sockets. The reason is that the people travelling different parts of the world buy different things from there. So, they are not able to run these things at their home because different countries follow different plug patterns. In order to use the appliances, there is a requirement of buying the right plug. Thus, plugs are available online in different shapes, sizes and standards. You also need specific power socket outlet [ปลั๊ก ต่อ พ่วง which is the term in thai] for diffa erent type of plug.

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