These Are 5 Good Reasons Why You Should Do Online Concerts

The world has become more advanced in technology as the years have gone by. Many activities can now be done using online platforms and these include musical events. It has become exciting for music lovers to watch a 3D concert online. Therefore, if you are a performer, doing online concerts is an option that you should pursue so as to give your fans the opportunity to access your full concert HD. The following are some good reasons as to why you should do online concerts.

  • Lower costs

As a performer, doing an online concert will relieve you of several logistical costs such as hiring of the venue, transport costs and labour costs. You will also avoid the inconvenience of having to sign several contracts with other parties who are involved when doing a live concert. Therefore, posting a 3D concert online will help you make significant savings on costs.

  • Convenience

Having your full concert HD on an online platform is much more convenient for both you and your fans. There is no risk of having the concert cancelled or interrupted because of sudden bad weather or unexpected inconveniences at the venue. The challenge of limited space is also removed when using an online platform. Your fans will have the liberty of watching your concert from the comfort of their home at any time of the day or night.

  • Good for marketing

If you have a live concert planned at a later date, then having an online concert first is a good way of marketing your upcoming live event to both current and potential fans. You can reach an unlimited global audience using the online platform and this will quickly expand your fan base both locally and internationally.

  • Nurtures the relationship with fans

Your fans can give you direct feedback as they watch your online concert. This timely communication is usually not so easily accessible with live events. As a performer, your relationship with your fans will be cultivated and made more real as they give you honest feedback while watching your concert online. These comments will also guide you on making any necessary improvements.

  • Flexibility in ticket prices

Once you have chosen to do an online concert, it can either be completely free of charge or paid. If you choose for it to be paid, then it will be prudent to give your fans a minimum amount that should be paid. This will allow those who want to pay more to do so, and this means that there is a possibility of earning a substantial amount of income.

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