The 4c’s Of Lab Grown Diamonds Australia

If you have planned to buy a lab grown diamonds Australia for your loved ones, it is very important for you to have some man made diamonds info. This information is going to come in very handily when you visit the shop to get that perfect piece for your partner. Lab grown diamonds Australia are known to be the best gift for anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, or even when you have planned to propose to her. If you give this to your mother she will probably be the happiest person in the world on that day. However, to select the perfect piece, you are required to have some man made diamonds info on the 4c’s.


When you are planning on buying that perfect piece of the ring for your mother or partner you have to decide on the color. Man made diamonds info come in various Colors. In fact, it is graded on its color. It is to be remembered that not all labs grown Diamonds are colorless. The color of lab grown Diamonds is ranked from alphabets d to z. Colorless diamonds are graded (D, E, F), near colorless are graded (G & H). The price of a lab grown diamonds depends upon the grade that it gets by the gemological institutes upon its color.


Do remember that not all lab grown Diamonds are perfect. Therefore it is your duty to check the Cut readings of the diamonds to understand its cut. The cut of a lab grown diamonds refers to it’s quality, shape, geometry, and finishing.  It is the round ones that receive the formal grades from best to poor. Shapes like emeralds, oval, and others do not have any cut grading. Ideal, excellent, very good, fair, and what are the five types of grains that are given to the cut of a lab grown diamond.


The Carat of a lab grown diamonds indicates the weight of the diamond. The bigger The diamond the more is its carat. It is important for you to decide how much carat you exactly want to buy. 1 carat is exactly equal to one fifth of a gram. It is quite difficult to find a larger carat in lab grown diamonds. If you are going for shapes like emerald, pear, or others do not expect to be of a high carat. The largest carrot that the world has ever seen was of 15 carats. Therefore it is very important for you to decide upon the size and weight of the diamond that you are looking for.


Clarity refers to how many impurities or blemishes a particular diamonds might have. These blemishes might be a false of the Crystal or foreign particles present within the diamond. If a diamond is graded low under the clarity category, that means that it is imperfect. Clarity is graded on a scale of internally flawless to included. It is very important for a person to check the clarity of the diamond so that they are well aware about the imperfections that the diamond that they have chosen contains. Perfect diamonds are very highly priced therefore most customers have the imperfect ones.

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