Tahitian Pearls – What You Need to Know?

Tahitian pearls are generally referred to as black pearls. Besides, these Tahitian pearls are formed at the black lip of pearl oysters. These pearls are popular since 1900s in the market and the demand for these pearls is very high due to their unique color. There are many misconceptions that these Tahitian pearls are colored pearls but this is not at all true. These pearls are naturally black colored pearls.

Tahitian pearls were the rarest and valuable cultured pearls. However, they are available at a very reasonable price now. These pearls are generally costlier than Akoya and freshwater pearls. The commonly used pearl grading system includes A-D system while ‘A’ is considered as the highest quality pearls and ‘D’ as the lowest quality pearls. By this time, you would have clearly understood that ‘A’ grade Tahitian pearls are costlier than ‘D’ grade pearls.

These Tahitian pearls are available in various sizes and shapes. The round shape Tahitian pearls will generally cost you more than the oval and baroque shaped pearls. The price of these pearls also depends on their size as well. In fact, the large Tahitian pearls will cost you more than the small pearls. Visiting different local jewelry stores to find best quality pearls post completing your office work can be really frustrating. Hence, try online shopping now. The black pearls jewelry in the online stores looks really marvelous. Also, you will have so many options to choose from.

Must Try Pearl Jewelry Pieces

Mentioned below are some pearl jewelry pieces which you must definitely try this season.

  • Three or Five Strand Pearl Necklace

These three and five strand Tahitian pearl long and short necklaces look very lovely. You can choose either short necklaces or long necklaces according to your choice. Short necklaces generally go well with formal wear as well while long necklaces look beautiful on you when you wear long dresses.

  • Bracelet

Try the Tahitian pearls bracelet with your prom dresses to look perfect. You can grab everybody’s attention towards you with this simple Tahitian pearls bracelet.

  • Earrings

Try the large Tahitian pearls earrings to look stylish when you go out with your friends this time.

Place your order in online to turn your looks pretty with Tahitian pearl jewelry!

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