Single Bed Sheets – What You Need To Know

The sheets of a bed are the most important thing when it comes to buying a new one. It’s not about looks but more about comfort and quality. Here is some advice on what you should consider choosing your single bed sheets correctly.

A bed can be either designed for two people or just for a person. In the first case, you need to buy single bed sheets online that will suit both people, whereas in the second case, they have to be smaller. Many brands sell them from twin to king-size- they vary from 39 inches wide by 75 inches long for twin, all the way up to 80 inches wide by 100 inches long California King. Some online sellers have different sizes starting from twin bed sheets to California King, so that you will have more options.

When it comes to single size- many brands sell them starting from standard up to extra deep pocket fitted sheet, which allows you to use a mattress pad for additional comfort.

Usually, single size fitted sheet measures 39 inches wide by 75 inches long. That means there is not much difference between standard and queen size fitted sheets. An exception here may be the adjustable beds where the mattress can move gradually (more details on this topic can be found in another article). There are three significant types of fabric used for making bedsheets: cotton, satin, and polyester/microfiber blends. If you like pure cotton, make sure that your sheets contain at least 90% cotton. Otherwise, they can be too thin and tear apart. Satin is another popular fabric that provides an elegant look to any bedding set or individual sheet.

Satin sheets are smoothest in comparison to other types of bedding sets and single bed sheets, but even though their price may be higher than average, you can find great deals through online retailers. Polyester/microfiber sheeting is the best deal when it comes to buying single-size fitted sheets because they are highly affordable- in most cases, below $20 per piece! Another advantage of these sheets is their durability- meaning that after many washes, they will still look like new, so your investment will pay off in the long term. It’s important not to shrink microfiber sheets in the dryer.

If you often wake up sweaty, then consider buying bedding sets made of cotton/polyester blend as they provide quick absorption and fast drying capability- meaning that you won’t need to use a separate towel after a shower or you don’t need to wait for your regular towels to dry which can take a couple of hours. Just one thing: make sure you buy microfibre and polyester blended sheets (which are hard to distinguish from pure polyester) as those will not absorb moisture.

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