Rolex Day-Date: The Brand’s Most Chic Timepiece

Rolex Day Date is one of the most exclusive timepieces rolled out Rolex brand back in 1956. The timepiece gained popularity for becoming the first waterproof and for featuring a self-winding chronometer that displays the date, day of the week fully spelled. It was in 1963, that the Day-Date became linked with its nickname after it was owned by the first US president-London B. Jonhson.

The Timepiece Got A New Size

The timepiece was initially in its modest size and was about 36mm until 2008 when the brand included a 41mm model in the line-up. The timepiece was frequently critiqued for being massive. And hence it was in this year that Day Date 40 replaced 41mm Day-Date II. The timepiece received a warm welcome from the customers because of its exact proportion like the original size- 36mm. More so, the Day-Date 40 isn’t a mere facelift but is rather armed with advanced movement having 14 patents, which makes it one of the aristocratic products of Rolex.

The Timepiece Features A Fresh Calibre With 14 Patents

The caliber 3255 has an instant calendar like the previous Day-Date watches, which implies that the displays for date and day change at midnight within a fraction of a second. The accurate mechanism makes sure the calendar is legal to round the clock. The longer reserve of power of 70 hours, boosts the Day-Date 40 practicality. The combination of thinner barrel followed by the ultimate gear transmission followed by the power reserve implies that you can open the watch on Friday and watch it operating again on Monday.

The Timepiece’s Swag Remains Unchanged

Like a lot of horological icons, the Day-Date remains unchanged. You can still access the timepiece in 18 CT gold or 950 platinum. The timepiece still features and boasts of the gem-set bezel and it is the President bracelet that boosts its highly popular appearance.

The Timepiece Is The First Of Its Kind With Rolex’s New Escapement

The Day-Date 40 is Rolex’s only and first product that includes the new Chronergy escapement. The escapement is the soul of the timepiece and it is what flaunts better efficiency, meaning it will be in good condition and require servicing at lengthening intervals.

Following the traditionality of the Rolex Day-Date watches, the fresh version is accessible in rose gold, yellow gold, 18k gold, and platinum. The new dial finishes were made keeping in mind about Day Date 40 and it was not found in any other model.

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