Raise the Temperature of the Night with These 5 Stylish Red Prom Dresses

Summary: Red dresses are an appropriate choice for prom girls. Read on to know the dress styles that you can choose from.

Finding the right prom dress is not easy. But to make the process less-troublesome and sort down the choices, start with choosing a color. If you want to wear a bright hue that is both opulent and sophisticated, then choose red – a color that defines romance and passion. Be the lady in red and create an everlasting impression.

But which red prom dress to pick from the vast collection. When the choices are abundant, picking the right one is a bit difficult. To help you, here we have listed down a few stylish red prom dresses that you can go with.

  1. Ballroom gowns & A-Line red prom dresses

A ballroom gown has a very large skirt that billows out from the waist to the mid-calf or ankles. If you want to dance flawlessly with your handsome date on that special night, then go for this apparel.  It might have a fitted waist and a top or a corset type top. You can also go for A-line or princess dress that flares out to the hemline and narrow near the waist. It forms an “A” shape as it fits your body from the top to bottom. To look your best in this red prom gown, accessorize it properly and choose the hairstyle and makeup that will complement it.

  1. High-low, lace-covered, and chiffon red prom dresses

The high-low dress criss-crosses vertically at the hemline. And so, it is short in some spots and long in others. The sheath prom dress is one, which clings to the body and hides nothing concerning your figure. The lace-covered sheath prom dress is the one that clings to the body and hides nothing concerning your body. The lace-covered-dress can be made out of a satin or satin-like material underneath with lace as a top layer. With a high empire waist, a red chiffon dress flows from the hips down to the ankles and look great for almost every figure. Team it up with the right accessories and get a ravishing look.

  1. Baby doll, one shoulder, and sleeveless gowns

The baby doll red prom dress is generally very short and cute. It fits at the top and flows at the bottom with a high waistline in between. Typically these kinds of dresses come with a tied ribbon or belt around the stomach area to give the “baby dress” look. One-shoulder red prom dresses have only one shoulder strap and the other side being sleeveless. These are long and elegant. You can couple the dress with a jacket or a wrap.

  1. Halter, glamour and modest red prom dresses

The halter prom dress looks similar to a halter top at the sleeves and then flows toward the knees. It is no longer than below the knees and may look similar to a high-low dress at the hemline. To add glamour, incorporate a hint of sequin and appear like a gorgeous girl. The modest prom dress is simple and beautiful. It covers everything but offers the wearer a touch of glamor and elegance.

  1. Mermaid & long red prom dresses

A mermaid red dress is an excellent choice for a prom party. Long evening dresses in mermaid style often cascade with ruffled, sheer, and pleated trains. These dresses start with smooth and tailored forms, which flow down to flare and create unique looks. In a red mermaid formal gown, you will be ready for the catwalk with grace.

If your friends have decided to wear black prom dresses, you can easily differentiate you with a red gown. Choose one of the styles for your red dress and grab the spotlight on the night.

Author bio: Giotto Miller is a blogger on various kinds of dresses, like black prom dresses. Here, he has suggested different styles that you can choose for a red prom dress.

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