Must-Have Jeans For Men

While selecting regular-fit jeans it is essential to determine your appropriate body type. The jeans you wear should always fit your body and show personal taste while being as comfy as possible without compromising your body shape or fashion. Men’s fashion is expanding rapidly. Denim pants for men are one of the menswear fashion trends that will never go out of style. The best part of finding a man’s jeans style is that they can be worn on any occasion.

Finding the ideal pair of jeans is difficult, given denim’s immense popularity. Every option has a style, from striped jeans to bootcut jeans for men. In addition, the system offers you a variety of color options.

Different types of jeans 

  • Skinny jeans- Skinny-fit jeans are jeans that fit snugly to your body, therefore giving it shape and enhancing your best features. It is a widely preferred style of jeans. However, be mindful of selecting the right pair with the right fitting so that you get the correct outfit look.  
  • Tapered jeans- Straight-leg jeans with a softer twist may be found in tapered jeans, which do precisely what their name implies and straddle the straight leg/slim leg divide. Here, you only need a slight taper that skims the leg and fits, especially around the thighs and calves. Tapered leg jeans attain the style of a footballer with streamlined calves and ankles, making them more visually appealing than narrow fits but more sculpted than straight legs. 
  • Straight Leg Jeans- A traditional and timeless style. Straight-leg jeans are usually cut straight from the hips down the legs with slight tapering. These jeans look best on athletic men because the wide shoulder-to-hip ratio helps to balance the cut’s baggy portion. 
  • Stonewashed jeans- When you think of jeans, the first thing that springs to mind is stonewashed jeans. The simplicity of the stone-washed aesthetic is part of its appeal and is undoubtedly why it is so popular—stone washing results in a worn-out, faded look. Either employ chemicals to generate the effect without needing a revolving drum or wash the jeans with pumice in a rotating drum. 
  • Dark Denim Jeans- If all of the following factors are in place, dark denim jeans are a wardrobe every man should have. They go with everything. You can wear them entirely down with a black t-shirt and a pair of white sneakers or wear them for a formal occasion with a sports jacket, a button-down shirt, and a couple of leather shoes. Jeans are one of the most comfortable and used items in your wardrobe.  
  • Distressed/Ripped Jeans– If you’re searching for a more informal option, distressed or ripped jeans are something to consider. Distressed denim has holes, rips, frays, and other apparent signs of deterioration. Wearing these jeans with formal attire won’t look nice, but wearing them with a white t-shirt and a leather or suede jacket will give your other pairs of jeans a more casual alternative with an edge.

Since there are more than a handful of alternatives, I think you should have all these jeans in your collection. While black and dark denim is the go-to essentials you can dress up or down, light denim is perfect for casual wear. With black and dark denim, the possibilities are virtually endless. So be sure to have a pair of these jeans in your collection. Jack&Jones has these and several more that you can choose from. Get your shopping bags ready and start adding to cart!

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