Know the Right Value of Pearl by Understanding their Quality


During Roman period, only royals had the power to own pearls. That is how a family’s status was determined. Hence, pearl has its precious value which is being cherished till date. Since natural pearls are rarely available, cultured pearls have taken over the market. However, that doesn’t mean, they don’t have any importance.

Not all regions are capable of manufacturing pearls. Climatic conditions and temperature and water quality also plays an important role for its formation. Hence, apart from Japan, US, Indonesia, China too have their pearl farming region. Fertilizing and harvesting oysters is also difficult.

Not all oysters help in nucleating, some may die during the process while some may not form pearls as per the quality requirement. All these factors increase the value of pearl because they are unpredictable compared to other stones that are obtained from undermines. Hence, every pearl accessory has its own charm. Since pearl is coming back in fashion, there is huge demand for classic and elegant look of pearl accessories. Couples are buying pearl engagement rings for their wedding as it proves their love which is as pure as its colour.

Pearl has its own value, but to determine the price of this stone, one should know different kinds of pearls available in the market and their importance –

  • Freshwater pearls are traded from China and easily available which makes it affordable as well. They might not have similar lustre or shape of other precious pearls, but still is the best option as a first time buyer.
  • Akoya pearls are obtained from Japan and are very lustrous and precious pearls till date. They may be smaller in size matched to other pearls, but their lustre is incomparable.
  • Hanadama pearls are perfect round shape pearls which are sub category of Akoya pearls. The most high quality Akoya pearls are segregated when harvesting is over, therefore they are rarely available and so their price is high.
  • Tahitian or black pearls are the only pearls that are darker in shade and larger in size. They are obtained from rare species of oyster, black lip ouster and are harvested in French Polynesia.
  • South Sea pearls that are bigger than black pearls have various layers of nacre fluid on it, making it extra lustrous. They are exclusive and therefore are as expensive as Hanadama pearls.

There are factors like lustre, nacre quality, surface quality, shape and size that also play a major role in determining its value. When you next time explore different pearl types, also know the reason for their value.

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