Jackets For Women You Absolutely Need This Fall

Are you ready for the pumpkin spice latte season? Have you brought out your Halloween decorations, stocked up on candy, and are prepared to wrap yourself in some much-deserved hygge? Because fall or autumn is almost upon us, the days will soon grow shorter and the nights longer. You might be dusting out your old denim jacket because it makes you nostalgic, but why not go for a jacket upgrade this fall? 

Denim jackets for women

Denim jackets are a versatile classic that you can never go wrong with your wardrobe. It ups your looks in just minutes, can take you comfortably from a work day to a night out, and provides the essential warmth in the early days of the fall season. Wear it over a T-shirt, pair it with jeans, skirts or dresses, you can never go wrong with a denim jacket. Get an oversized one or a fitted one. You can also personalise it by adding your favourite buttons or a bit of embroidery. And being rugged in nature, it will last you a lifetime.  

Leather jackets

Leather jackets are not only a fall wardrobe staple but can be used all year round. Go for the classic in black or tan, which suits most ensembles. Bring out your grunge side by pairing it with jeans, or wear it with a dress to exude feminine solid vibes. Wear a red leather jacket if you feel adventurous and paint the town red. With so many alternatives available in the market today, it does not need to be genuine leather. Go for environmentally friendly vegan leather jackets which look and feel like the real deal. 

Bomber jackets  

Once made famous by Tom Cruise in Top Gun, bomber jackets have managed to make a place in our wardrobes and hearts. It is often spotted on celebrities like Miley Cyrus and even the Kardashians. It is a quirky alternative to our staple denim and leather jackets. It’s edgy and sporty and elevates our looks when every other jacket looks boring. Available in various materials and looks, the bomber jackets can be worn with a dress (go for a glitzy one) or see you through grocery shopping (wear a more subdued style). 

Puffer and parka jackets for women

Fall gives way to winter, the temperatures decrease, and our need for warmth increases. This is when our other jackets often fail to provide the required heat. This is the time to break out the puffer and parka jackets built for colder weather. They are available in various sizes and fits, ranging from athleisure to fashion.

Vero Moda has a great collection of jackets that you can shop from. So stock up your preferred form of the jacket before fall arrives. Better still, upgrade your jacket wardrobe with several new styles mentioned here. Just like there is no such thing as too much pumpkin spice latte, there is also no such thing as too many jackets.

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