Is Thicker, Fuller Hair Possible After 40?

Yes, it is possible to have thicker, fuller, and strong hair after 40. But lessening, cracking hair is a normal part of aging. Everyone adopts different and unique hairstyles in their 20s and 30s. But in 40s, you face a transitional effect of life where your hairs are thinning and shedding. Nothing hurts more than falling hairs. Thankfully, there are some ways that you can adopt to prevent the risk of hair loss and damage. If you have knocked 40 and are under pressure with an increase in after shower hair loss, thinner ponytails, and damaged split ends, we have rounded up the best tips and products for you. Don’t forget to apply zalora promo code Singapore as it helps the customers to purchase various top quality hair care products at much cheaper rates. You can easily get this code from and take care of your hairs in a small budget. The tips and products are given below:

Look After Your Scalp To Encourage Hair Growth:

Basically, scalp health is relying on internal issues such as the stability of sex and anxiety hormones. We give more attention to our hairs than scalp. That is the reason we face early hair loss and thinning problems. Take care of your scalp on regular basis and wash your hairs regularly. Avoid harsh and chemical based colors. Massaging your scalp can assist to stimulate hair growth.

Always Apply Ammonia Free Hair Color To Evade Damage:

Ammonia is widely used in hair dyes on commercial level. But ammonia has a higher pH, which can injure your scalp and hair follicles as well as damage the structural reliability of your hair. If you want to change your hair color, always use natural or organic hair dyes and keep away from ammonia and hydrogen peroxide based colors. The natural hair dyes will keep your hair soft and shiny. You can buy such hair dyes at lower cost after inserting zalora promo code Singapore from

Prevent Hair Loss By Avoiding Stress:

Always use soft ponytails and hair bands to avoid stress. The hair follicles is not taken apart from your body, it depends on that how you treat your body that changes your hair health. Avoid any internal stress as well as external stress for strong and healthy hairs.

Utilize Moisture Rich Products For Glossy Hair:

At 40, there is a fewer sebum construction in the scalp, and you face textural changes. To combat this, use moisture rich products such as hair masks, shampoos and creams. Don’t use the products that can cause hair thinning and drying. Opt for a biotin infused serum to deal with lackluster strands. This serum gives you the frizz free and healthy hair. Plus, a lot of hair moisturizers are obtainable in the bazaar so you can easily choose any product according to your scalp texture. Just grab the new zalora promo code Singapore and shop such products within your range. Immediately search online and get maximum discount on each product.

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