How Do You Clean A Leather Handbag?


To boost your style, nothing can compare with a leather hand bag. You will make a stylish statement, as well as any type of designs your leather handbag is having; always a great handbag will make you looked pulled together. The problem is that a leather handbag is kept anywhere, on dirty tables, on floors, etc. and they get prone to being stained and dirty. Described below are a few points that will save you money on how to keep your leather handbag in a great condition and increase the life of your handbag longer.

At least once or twice a year you should wash your leather bag, as well as yes, we said laundry, hand laundry that is, in some liquid soaps. Liquid soaps have pure soap without any ingredients or scents, making them a wonderful option for those with delicate skin. They do not consist of palm oil; the soap comes from sunflower as well as coconut oil. Liquid soaps are well-suited to cleaning natural leather purses as it does not dry the leather.

The approach of Cleaning:

  • Utilise a basin in which you do your regular hand washing. Pour in a capful of liquid soap.
  • Then wash the bag as you would do with fragile textile-like silk or wool. You can get rid of light dirt stains by gently massaging the soiled areas.
  • Once you’ve cleaned it, wash the bag by dipping it in clean water to get rid of all traces of the liquid soap. Then leave it for an overnight air-dry, or for as long as needed as well as reshape the bag when you do so.

This ought to do the trick and also maintain your bag looking like brand-new.

A few ideas for storing leather handbags:

  • Do not keep natural leather bags in plastic, as they can dry the bag out or

stick to natural leather.

  • Fill the bag with tissue paper or an old tee to maintain its shape.
  • Keep the bag in the felt bag it was delivered in or a pillowcase as well as store it upright.

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