Different Types Of Switches In Electrical Control Systems

One of the most essential components of every electrical control system is the switch. They enable the flow or interruption of electric current, which makes them critical devices to make or break an electric circuit.  In other words, electrical switches are the controlling devices that control the flow of current in a circuit.

Where switches are used to control the operation of electrical devices, there is another essential component called modular MCB used to protect the electrical circuits. It is a protective device that safeguards electrical circuits against overcurrents and short circuits.

Every electronic or electrical system has at least one switch that controls its operations. Different types of switches are widely used in electrical applications, depending on their requirements. Let’s explore the switch types employed in electrical control systems to manage various devices.

Toggle Switches

A toggle switch is a type of electrical switch with an operating lever. The lever opens or closes the electrical circuit by moving it forward and backwards. These are the most basic and widely used electrical components.

Aeroplane control panels, vehicles, air conditioning systems, and other industrial and electrical equipment are some applications that use toggle switches.

Rocker Switches

These are rectangular-shaped switches that toggle between on and off. The rocker switches are easy to operate and are commonly used in homes for light switches. Household appliances, lighting controls, automotive systems, industrial equipment, medical devices, gaming and entertainment systems, etc., are some applications that use rocker switches.

Push-Button Switches

As the name says, this type of switch is operated manually by pressing a button. It actuates its internal switching mechanism, which controls the electric circuit. When pressure is released, the switch returns to its original position, breaking the electrical circuit.

These switches are available in various sizes, shapes, and configurations. They are used in various applications, such as household appliances, vending machines, medical equipment, safety and security systems, door entry systems, gaming and entertainment systems, and more.

Limit Switches

These are the electrical switches that are used to determine whether an object is present or not. When the actuator of a limit switch comes into contact with an object or reaches a specific position, it triggers to change its electrical state.

A limit switch is so named because it defines an object’s maximum range of motion. It is commonly used in fridges, garage doors, conveyor systems, and more.

Smart Switches

These advanced electrical switches can be remotely controlled and monitored through a wireless network, typically using Wi-Fi or a dedicated smart home protocol. They are designed to provide enhanced functionality, convenience, and energy efficiency. You can use them for home automation, light control, security, and safety.


In conclusion, understanding different types of switches can help you select the appropriate one from various switches brands. Check out Legrand, one of the most popular switches brands, also known for modular MCBs & a wide range of other products and systems for electrical installations and building automation.

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