9 Memorial Wind Chimes To Help Honor Your Deceased Family Members

Grief is one of those things that we, as humans, can’t quite figure out yet because each one of us experiences it differently. This is why we need to be more sensitive if someone we know is grieving the loss of a loved one. If you’re looking for ways to honor the deceased, continue reading.

memorial wind chimes are one of the most versatile gifts out there. You can give this to someone to honor the deceased, celebrate an event, or mark a milestone. Here are some of the top wind chimes to watch out for when honoring a deceased family member.

‘Til Death Do Us Part Memorial Chime

With memorial items, you can keep your partner close to your heart. This wind chime sends out that exact message. Each set of aluminum windchimes features a “Til Death Do Us Part” engraving and a photo of the deceased on the other side.

My Father, My Angel Remembrance Chime

This remembrance chime, which measures about 44″ in length, is the perfect way to honor your beloved father. It features the text of the poem “Do Not Stand at My Grave and Weep.” Furthermore, you can customize the other side to show a picture of your dad.

My Brother, My Angel Sympathy Chime

If you have a brother you can count on in times of dire need, then you are lucky. A brother is a special person who will always have your back. This memorial wind chime is the perfect way to honor him and remember his life and vitality.

Listen to the Wind Pewter Wind Chime

If you’re looking for memorial gifts, look for one that can easily be customized, such as a wind chime. With this, you’ll be able to personalize it with your loved one’s name, any important dates that you’d like to include, and a quote that they loved or that reminds you of them.

Sister Loved Memorial Wind Chime

Sisters are forever because even if they have already passed away, they will always be with you. This wind chime is a great reminder of that. You can pay tribute to her memory and her life by getting this wind chime featuring bronze-colored tubes and a 36″ set of chimes.

When the Wind Blows Angel Chimes

Death is a part of life and when you love someone, forever does not seem long enough. When losing a parent, it feels as though the hurt is ten times more powerful. This goes the same for when you lose a child. This “When the Wind Blows Angel Chimes” is the perfect way to remember their vitality in life.

Peaceful Mountaintop Breeze Memorial Chime

This Peaceful Mountaintop Breeze wind chime measures about 40″ in length with aluminum tubes of 1 1/4″ in diameter. Each tube has an engraving saying “Memories keep those we love in our hearts.”

Our Reunion Memorial Wind Chimes

Not only are memorial chimes a good way to honor the deceased but you can also use this memorial wind chime as a centerpiece to your garden. Each tube has a printed verse, “Memories keep those we love in our hearts,” which is such a beautiful reminder for us.

Gentle Breeze Angel’s Arms Chime

Losing a child is one of the most heartbreaking things that could happen to a parent. Memorial wind chimes that have an engraving, “With tears of sorrow we cry each day, in angel’s arms you were carried away. Our memories of love and laughter shall not fade, for inside our hearts you will always stay” is a good way to remember and honor their time here on earth.

No matter how short or long your time with them is, nothing can prepare you for this. Moreover, this wind chime is a good reminder that they have lived and that they have experienced your love for them.

Whether you’re building a memorial garden for your dearly departed family members or looking for a sympathy gift send, memorial wind chimes will be perfect. Check out Remember Me Gifts online today.

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